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Dr. Jean-Louis Rioux is proud to have been providing quality dental care in the Moncton area for several decades. Here are some testimonials from clients who are satisfied with his care.

Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder

I have suffered from Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder for six years. At age fifteen, with no previous symptoms, I woke up and could not open my mouth fully. This was the beginning of a very frustrating and painful problem. My doctor recommended me to a physiotherapist, my dentist to an orthodontist. I was told my symptoms were due to grinding my teeth at night and a bite plane as well as physiotherapy should help. Unfortunately the bite plane caused my jaw to lock and the physio therapy simply gave me a few hours of pain relief. I continued to ask my doctor and dentist for help. I attended over a dozen different doctor's appointments with no success. My jaw pain was worsening as time went on and I began to feel hopeless.

Frustrated, I went back to my doctor to try again. I was sent to another dentist, who thankfully redirected me to Dr. Rioux.

Dr. Rioux was the first doctor to take the time to fully exam me and discover the reason for my TMJ disorder. He understands the complexity of TMJ disorder and checks his patients from their feet, upwards, to discover where any issues that could be causing or adding to the issue lie. He took many x-rays of my jaw and spent a whole session monitoring my jaw movement. He soon made me a special device, fit for my mouth, to wear. It was created to ensure my mouth sits in a more appropriate position.

Dr. Rioux also helps ensure your recovery by directing you to other doctors that can help you with any relating problems he cannot fix. It was so reassuring to have a doctor that was so thorough and made sure you had the appropriate help for everything.

I have only been seeing Dr. Rioux for eight months now. My jaw no longer snaps or locks. I no longer experience headaches or facial pain. I have started eating a lot of the foods I gave up due to jaw pain again. It has been such a relief. Thanks to Dr. Rioux I can enjoy my day without any of the painful effects of TMJ disorder. I am certain that once I am finished with my treatment I can look forward to a future without any discomfort.

If you are experiencing any TMJ symptoms I would urge you to see Dr. Rioux as soon as possible. Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder is a painful and frustrating problem to deal with, but it does not have to be permanent.


Sara F.

No More Clicking, Snapping or Locking

I had suffered from severe headaches, neck and shoulder pains for about 7 to 10 years prior to my first visit with Dr. Rioux. I also had trouble opening wide and keeping my mouth open for any period of time. Going to the dentist for any amount of work was always very painful, both during and after due to the limited mobility of my jaw.

A couple of weeks prior to Christmas, 2005, I experienced a severe shooting pain in my left jaw and it locked in place for several minutes. It continued to worsen and my local dentist suggested I see Dr. Rioux about my TMJ joint. At this time I knew very little about this joint in my mouth, but I soon learned how it can be the cause of many of my health problems.

After my initial consultation, Dr. Rioux felt he could help improve my situation. It took about 4 months before I noticed a significant improvement in my jaw joint pain and headaches. After 1 year of treatment and much patience on my part, I am now free from the clicking, snapping and locking of my jaw joint. I am able to open wide without pain and my teeth are no longer sensitive to hot and cold. My headaches, neck and shoulder pain are about 90% improved. I do still have the odd severe headaches but nothing like before I started this treatment with Dr. Rioux.

I am very pleased with the results from this treatment and would highly recommend Dr. Rioux and his very pleasant, capable staff.

Thank you,

Jackie M.

Sussex, NB

Another Successful Treatment

Dear Dr. Jean-Louis Rioux,

I have had the pleasure of being a full time "clencher" and part time "grinder" for all of my life. Two years ago, I began to suffer constant and nagging pain that eventually enveloped my entire jaw. Three area dental specialists were unable to resolve my pain issue. Diagnoses were everything from stress, to sinus infections. I lost over 25 pounds. Finally, I asked my regular dentist what he would do when everything else failed. He recommended booking an appointment with your office.

I must admit I was skeptical at first. I knew nothing of TMJ other than I had heard it was expensive. The process involves a couple of visits before the appliance is created.

The transformation was nothing short of fantastic. Within 24 hours of wearing the appliance my pain was completely gone. Over the last year I have forgotten a few nights to wear my little miracle device. The pain returned immediately! Take my advice wear it as much as you can!

Dr. Rioux, please feel free to have any of your new patients call me directly if they have any concerns over the success of your treatments.

Thank you for restoring my quality of life!


Stephen L.

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